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Warwick House wedding photography with Faisal and Vicky

I couldn’t have wished for a nicer couple to start my 2015 wedding season. I met Faisal and Vicky last October and have enjoyed getting to know them in the short time to their wedding earlier this month. We were lucky with the weather for this winter celebration which was photographed at Warwick House in the Midlands. The day had a lovely relaxed feel to it and the sense of love and respect for this couple was palpable. A big thank you to Frank Wood Photography for second shooting with me. I wish Faisal and Vicky a long and happy future together.warwick house_0574 warwick house_0575 warwick house_0576 warwick house_0577 warwick house_0578 warwick house_0579 warwick house_0580 warwick house_0581 warwick house_0582 warwick house_0583 warwick house_0584 warwick house_0585 warwick house_0586 warwick house_0587 warwick house_0588 warwick house_0589 warwick house_0590 warwick house_0591 warwick house_0592 warwick house_0593 warwick house_0594 warwick house_0595 warwick house_0596 warwick house_0597 warwick house_0598 warwick house_0599 warwick house_0600

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