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Berkshire wedding photography at Stanlake Park


Fun fun fun was the name of the game for this wedding and Kirsty and John certainly got married in style with their close family and friends. Kirsty was taken by horse drawn carriage to Waltham St Lawrence church where her parents married 33 years ago. Following this was a great reception party at the vineyard in Stanlake Park with the ultimate surprise for the happy couple – the King of Pop himself. The pics speak for themselves! Congratulations Kirsty and John and all the best for the future x

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Berkshire wedding photography – Monkey Island Hotel, Bray with Katie and Paul

Another beautiful wedding at Monkey Island Hotel in Bray, Berkshire. Katie and Paul met over 10 years ago in New Zealand before living in Australia where they had their lovely boys Josh and Alex. They finally settled in England down the road from this gorgeous venue. Bang in the middle of the heatwave, it was more like Aussie temperatures than UK climes, but nothing spoilt this happy day  as guests enjoyed a stunning outdoor ceremony and boat rides up and down the Thames. Thanks to Frank Wood for second shooting with me. Congratulations Katie and Paul – hope you manage a honeymoon one day! x















































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Wedding Photographer Monkey Island Hotel Bray: Tej & Rob

Wedding Photographer Monkey Island Hotel Bray: Tej & Rob

It was a great privilege to photograph Tej and Rob’s Asian wedding in the South-East.

And also be a part of the Sikh traditions that lead up to the bride’s big day. This included the maiya and the choora. Tradition states that the bride is to remain modest and ‘unwashed’ to then be transformed on her wedding day. Tej certainly went from a demure, to a blooming bride, and looked amazing! Congratulations to you both and thank you for all making me feel so welcome on your special day.

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