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Buxted Park Hotel wedding photography with PJ & Paul

This was my first time doing wedding photography at Buxted Park Hotel and what a location! Stunning house and grounds made this the perfect venue for PJ and Paul. This was a lovely, happy day full of love and emotion. This beautiful weather we’re having allowed for an outdoor ceremony followed by the wedding breakfast in the attractive dining room. Congratulations guys,  hope you had an incredible day. Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2333 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2334 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2335 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2336 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2337 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2338 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2339 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2340 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2341 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2342 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2343 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2344 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2345 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2346 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2347 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2348 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2349 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2350 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2351 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2352 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2353 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2354 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2355 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2356 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2357 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2358 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2359 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2360 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2361 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2362 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2363 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2364 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2365 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2366 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2367 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2368 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2369 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2370 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2371 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2372 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2373 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2374 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2375 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2376 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2377 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2378 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2379 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2380 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2381 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2382 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2383 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2384 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2385 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2386 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2387 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2388 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2389 Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography_2390

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Cooling Castle Barn Kent civil partnership wedding photography with James and Robert

This was my first time shooting at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent and what a great civil partnership to photograph. A mixture of modern, rustic and 1920s glamour (think Great Gatsby and stylish dinner jackets), and you have James and Robert’s amazing wedding day. Having had good fun on the pre wedding shoot I knew this was going to be a day filled with laughter and happiness, and it was a honour to be part of their special day. Cooling Castle is a beautiful barn surrounded by fantastic countryside. A perfect venue for any wedding. It’s clear James and Robert were made for each other – congratulations to you both and wishing you a lifetime of happiness together. x

Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1277Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1278Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1279Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1280Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1281Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1282Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1283Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1284Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1285Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1286Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1287Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1288Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1289Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1290Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1291Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1292Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1293Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1294Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1295Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1296Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1297Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1298Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1299Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1300Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1301Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1302Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1303Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1304Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1305Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1306Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1307Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1308Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1309Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1310Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1311Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1312Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1313Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1314Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1315Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1316Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1317Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1318Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1319Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1320Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1321Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1322Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1323Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1324Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1325Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1326Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1327Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1328Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1329Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1330Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1331Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1332Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1333Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1334Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1335Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1336Castle Barn civil partnership Kent_1337

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Civil partnership photography in London with Joe and Jim

This was a very special London civil partnership between the gorgeous Joe and Jim. These guys met a few years ago and knew immediately they were right for each other. American born Jim soon relocated to London and the rest is history… history which was made at Queens tennis club in west London – this was certainly a civil partnership with a difference and I loved photographing the guys playing tennis on the courts most famously graced by the world’s top tennis players. With some live singing and guitar playing, touching readings from close family members and a fun reception on the river at The Depot in Barnes, this was a great day for everyone involved. Congratulations Jim and Joe! x

London Civil Partnership_0828London Civil Partnership_0829London Civil Partnership_0830London Civil Partnership_0831London Civil Partnership_0832London Civil Partnership_0833London Civil Partnership_0834London Civil Partnership_0835London Civil Partnership_0836London Civil Partnership_0837London Civil Partnership_0838London Civil Partnership_0839London Civil Partnership_0840London Civil Partnership_0841London Civil Partnership_0842London Civil Partnership_0843London Civil Partnership_0844London Civil Partnership_0845London Civil Partnership_0846London Civil Partnership_0847London Civil Partnership_0848London Civil Partnership_0849London Civil Partnership_0850London Civil Partnership_0851London Civil Partnership_0852London Civil Partnership_0853London Civil Partnership_0854London Civil Partnership_0855London Civil Partnership_0856London Civil Partnership_0857London Civil Partnership_0858London Civil Partnership_0859London Civil Partnership_0860London Civil Partnership_0861London Civil Partnership_0862London Civil Partnership_0863London Civil Partnership_0864London Civil Partnership_0865London Civil Partnership_0866London Civil Partnership_0867London Civil Partnership_0868London Civil Partnership_0869London Civil Partnership_0870London Civil Partnership_0871London Civil Partnership_0872London Civil Partnership_0873London Civil Partnership_0874London Civil Partnership_0875London Civil Partnership_0876London Civil Partnership_0877London Civil Partnership_0878

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Bournemouth Beach Hut wedding photography with Em and Sky

What a special place to get married. Bournemouth’s wedding beach hut is totally idyllic and on a gorgeous day like this one, it’s hard to imagine a better beach location in the UK. It’s original and down to earth, just like Em and Sky who loved their civil partnership day. They shared it with an intimate group of friends and family and from start to finish this was a cute and special wedding to remember. Congratulations Em and Sky, you make a lovely couple! x

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Germany civil partnership photography with Klaus and Jon

I was so excited to photograph Klaus and Jon’s civil partnership in Germany. Despite the rainy weather the location and surrounds was beautiful and I was totally moved at the emotional and heartfelt ceremony Klaus and Jon had thoughtfully put together. There were some great German traditions I’d never seen before and this intimate wedding was a special day for everyone involved. It was a relaxed and fun day with lots of laughter and lots of partying. No better combination for a wedding!

Germany Civil Partnership_0879Germany Civil Partnership_0880Germany Civil Partnership_0881Germany Civil Partnership_0882Germany Civil Partnership_0883Germany Civil Partnership_0884Germany Civil Partnership_0885Germany Civil Partnership_0886Germany Civil Partnership_0887Germany Civil Partnership_0888Germany Civil Partnership_0889Germany Civil Partnership_0890Germany Civil Partnership_0891Germany Civil Partnership_0892Germany Civil Partnership_0893Germany Civil Partnership_0894Germany Civil Partnership_0895Germany Civil Partnership_0896Germany Civil Partnership_0897Germany Civil Partnership_0898Germany Civil Partnership_0899Germany Civil Partnership_0900Germany Civil Partnership_0901Germany Civil Partnership_0902Germany Civil Partnership_0903Germany Civil Partnership_0904Germany Civil Partnership_0905Germany Civil Partnership_0906Germany Civil Partnership_0907Germany Civil Partnership_0908Germany Civil Partnership_0909Germany Civil Partnership_0910Germany Civil Partnership_0911Germany Civil Partnership_0912Germany Civil Partnership_0913Germany Civil Partnership_0914Germany Civil Partnership_0915Germany Civil Partnership_0916Germany Civil Partnership_0917Germany Civil Partnership_0918Germany Civil Partnership_0919Germany Civil Partnership_0920Germany Civil Partnership_0921Germany Civil Partnership_0922Germany Civil Partnership_0923Germany Civil Partnership_0924Germany Civil Partnership_0925Germany Civil Partnership_0926Germany Civil Partnership_0927Germany Civil Partnership_0928

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Sussex wedding photography – civil partnership at Grittenham Barn with Chris and Keri


Love love loved shooting this wedding at Grittenham Barn in Sussex. Everything from start to finish was beautifully done with homemade bunting, vintage crockery, Grittenham Barn homegrown flowers, traditional ice cream van, slow roast pork, and to top it off gorgeous weather! Chris and Keri are absolutely lovely people, the speeches were incredibly touching and to see so much happiness and love everywhere was massively heartwarming! Not to mention the two resident donkeys with their respective pink and blue reigns. A gorgeous venue for a wedding and one I hope to go back to. Congratulations Chris and Keri, happy honeymooning!


















































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Brighton pre-wedding shoot with Kel and Nat

There’s no better place to explore than Brighton for an engagement shoot, and Nat and Kel couldn’t have been more smiley and enthusiastic throughout. Lots of fun, lots of great colours to work with and a great excuse for an ice-cream along the way. Can’t wait for the August wedding! x





















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