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Devon wedding photography with Charlotte and James

A beautiful close family wedding in sunny Devon. Charlotte and James have been together seven years and this stunning wedding was two years in the making. It paid off! A lovely service was held in Pyworthy before heading back to the family home for a marquee reception. Congratulations Charlotte and James, it was great to be a part of your day. xDevon wedding photography_1104 Devon wedding photography_1105 Devon wedding photography_1106 Devon wedding photography_1107 Devon wedding photography_1108 Devon wedding photography_1109 Devon wedding photography_1110 Devon wedding photography_1111 Devon wedding photography_1112 Devon wedding photography_1113 Devon wedding photography_1114 Devon wedding photography_1115 Devon wedding photography_1116 Devon wedding photography_1117 Devon wedding photography_1118 Devon wedding photography_1119 Devon wedding photography_1120 Devon wedding photography_1121 Devon wedding photography_1122 Devon wedding photography_1123 Devon wedding photography_1124 Devon wedding photography_1125 Devon wedding photography_1126 Devon wedding photography_1127 Devon wedding photography_1128 Devon wedding photography_1129 Devon wedding photography_1130 Devon wedding photography_1131 Devon wedding photography_1132 Devon wedding photography_1133 Devon wedding photography_1134 Devon wedding photography_1135 Devon wedding photography_1136 Devon wedding photography_1137 Devon wedding photography_1138 Devon wedding photography_1139 Devon wedding photography_1140 Devon wedding photography_1141 Devon wedding photography_1142 Devon wedding photography_1143 Devon wedding photography_1144 Devon wedding photography_1145 Devon wedding photography_1146 Devon wedding photography_1147 Devon wedding photography_1148 Devon wedding photography_1149 Devon wedding photography_1150 Devon wedding photography_1151 Devon wedding photography_1152 Devon wedding photography_1153 Devon wedding photography_1154 Devon wedding photography_1155 Devon wedding photography_1156 Devon wedding photography_1157 Devon wedding photography_1158 Devon wedding photography_1159 Devon wedding photography_1160 Devon wedding photography_1161 Devon wedding photography_1162 Devon wedding photography_1163 Devon wedding photography_1164 Devon wedding photography_1165 Devon wedding photography_1166 Devon wedding photography_1167 Devon wedding photography_1168 Devon wedding photography_1169 Devon wedding photography_1170 Devon wedding photography_1171 Devon wedding photography_1172 Devon wedding photography_1173 Devon wedding photography_1174 Devon wedding photography_1175 Devon wedding photography_1176 Devon wedding photography_1177 Devon wedding photography_1178 Devon wedding photography_1179 Devon wedding photography_1180 Devon wedding photography_1181 Devon wedding photography_1182 Devon wedding photography_1183 Devon wedding photography_1184 Devon wedding photography_1185 Devon wedding photography_1186 Devon wedding photography_1187 Devon wedding photography_1188 Devon wedding photography_1189 Devon wedding photography_1190 Devon wedding photography_1191 Devon wedding photography_1192 Devon wedding photography_1193 Devon wedding photography_1194 Devon wedding photography_1195 Devon wedding photography_1196 Devon wedding photography_1197 Devon wedding photography_1198 Devon wedding photography_1199 Devon wedding photography_1200 Devon wedding photography_1201 Devon wedding photography_1202 Devon wedding photography_1203 Devon wedding photography_1204 Devon wedding photography_1205 Devon wedding photography_1206 Devon wedding photography_1207 Devon wedding photography_1208 Devon wedding photography_1209 Devon wedding photography_1210 Devon wedding photography_1211 Devon wedding photography_1212 Devon wedding photography_1213 Devon wedding photography_1214 Devon wedding photography_1215 Devon wedding photography_1216 Devon wedding photography_1217 Devon wedding photography_1218 Devon wedding photography_1219 Devon wedding photography_1220 Devon wedding photography_1221 Devon wedding photography_1222 Devon wedding photography_1223 Devon wedding photography_1224 Devon wedding photography_1225 Devon wedding photography_1226 Devon wedding photography_1227 Devon wedding photography_1228 Devon wedding photography_1229 Devon wedding photography_1230 Devon wedding photography_1231 Devon wedding photography_1232 Devon wedding photography_1233 Devon wedding photography_1234 Devon wedding photography_1235 Devon wedding photography_1236

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Wedding photography in Winchester, Hampshire with Charlie and Pete

What a gorgeous wedding with Charlie and Pete in Hampshire. A warm May day was perfect for the marque set up in rural countryside on the outskirts of Winchester. The moving Catholic service, complete with 150 guests, was held at St Peter’s before the entourage followed Charlie and Pete (driving in a car built by Charlie’s father) out to the countryside to a stunning rural setting. There were some gorgeous rustic touches laid out by the couple and marque looked absolutely beautiful – not to mention the cutest page boys and flower girls. A thoroughly happy day topped off with an awesome band – no issue with an empty dance floor with these guys, they rocked! Congratulations Charlie and Pete. xx


Winchester wedding photography_1479Winchester wedding photography_1480Winchester wedding photography_1481Winchester wedding photography_1482Winchester wedding photography_1483Winchester wedding photography_1484Winchester wedding photography_1485Winchester wedding photography_1486Winchester wedding photography_1487Winchester wedding photography_1488Winchester wedding photography_1489Winchester wedding photography_1490Winchester wedding photography_1491Winchester wedding photography_1492Winchester wedding photography_1493Winchester wedding photography_1494Winchester wedding photography_1495Winchester wedding photography_1496Winchester wedding photography_1497Winchester wedding photography_1498Winchester wedding photography_1499Winchester wedding photography_1500Winchester wedding photography_1501Winchester wedding photography_1502Winchester wedding photography_1503Winchester wedding photography_1504Winchester wedding photography_1505Winchester wedding photography_1506Winchester wedding photography_1507Winchester wedding photography_1508Winchester wedding photography_1509Winchester wedding photography_1510Winchester wedding photography_1511Winchester wedding photography_1512Winchester wedding photography_1513Winchester wedding photography_1514Winchester wedding photography_1515Winchester wedding photography_1516Winchester wedding photography_1517Winchester wedding photography_1518Winchester wedding photography_1519Winchester wedding photography_1520Winchester wedding photography_1521Winchester wedding photography_1522Winchester wedding photography_1523Winchester wedding photography_1524Winchester wedding photography_1525Winchester wedding photography_1526Winchester wedding photography_1527Winchester wedding photography_1528Winchester wedding photography_1529Winchester wedding photography_1530Winchester wedding photography_1531Winchester wedding photography_1532Winchester wedding photography_1533Winchester wedding photography_1534Winchester wedding photography_1535Winchester wedding photography_1536Winchester wedding photography_1537Winchester wedding photography_1538Winchester wedding photography_1539Winchester wedding photography_1540Winchester wedding photography_1541Winchester wedding photography_1542Winchester wedding photography_1543Winchester wedding photography_1544Winchester wedding photography_1545Winchester wedding photography_1546Winchester wedding photography_1547Winchester wedding photography_1548Winchester wedding photography_1549Winchester wedding photography_1550Winchester wedding photography_1551Winchester wedding photography_1552Winchester wedding photography_1553Winchester wedding photography_1554Winchester wedding photography_1555Winchester wedding photography_1556Winchester wedding photography_1557Winchester wedding photography_1558Winchester wedding photography_1559Winchester wedding photography_1560Winchester wedding photography_1561Winchester wedding photography_1562Winchester wedding photography_1563Winchester wedding photography_1564Winchester wedding photography_1565Winchester wedding photography_1566Winchester wedding photography_1567Winchester wedding photography_1568Winchester wedding photography_1569Winchester wedding photography_1570Winchester wedding photography_1571Winchester wedding photography_1572Winchester wedding photography_1573Winchester wedding photography_1574Winchester wedding photography_1575

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Village wedding photography in Bedfordshire

A gorgeous village wedding to photograph in Turvey, Bedfordshire. What a beautiful day for Laura and Ben to celebrate their wedding in a relaxed classic style. It was a stunning location with the ceremony in the old village church before moving to a family barn which was decorated stunningly. They were a stunning couple to photograph. Congratulations to you both!

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