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Blazing Donkey wedding photography in Kent with Michelle and Richie

Photographing a wedding at the Blazing Donkey in Kent was brilliant, not least because this fabulous couple were stylish and full of fun and I loved the vintage retro theme running throughout – the bold colours, the incredible 1950s Chevrolet… Stunning! Michelle and Richie married outside on a gorgeous summer’s day in front of friends and family. The day was full of emotion and laughter and guests were even treated to the groom singing and playing the drums alongside various members of his family. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Alvarez, what a great day! x kent wedding photography...000 kent wedding photography_0000 kent wedding photography_0001 kent wedding photography_0002 kent wedding photography_0003 kent wedding photography_0004 kent wedding photography_0005 kent wedding photography_0006 kent wedding photography_0007 kent wedding photography_0008 kent wedding photography_0009 kent wedding photography_0010 kent wedding photography_0011 kent wedding photography_0012 kent wedding photography_0013 kent wedding photography_0014 kent wedding photography_0015 kent wedding photography_0016 kent wedding photography_0017 kent wedding photography_0018 kent wedding photography_0019 kent wedding photography_0020 kent wedding photography_0021 kent wedding photography_0022 kent wedding photography_0023 kent wedding photography_0024 kent wedding photography_0025 kent wedding photography_0026 kent wedding photography_0027 kent wedding photography_0028 kent wedding photography_0029 kent wedding photography_0030 kent wedding photography_0031 kent wedding photography_0032 kent wedding photography_0033 kent wedding photography_0034 kent wedding photography_0035 kent wedding photography_0036 kent wedding photography_0037 kent wedding photography_0038 kent wedding photography_0039 kent wedding photography_0040 kent wedding photography_0041 kent wedding photography_0042 kent wedding photography_0043 kent wedding photography_0044 kent wedding photography_0045 kent wedding photography_0046 kent wedding photography_0047 kent wedding photography_0048 kent wedding photography_0049 kent wedding photography_0050 kent wedding photography_0051 kent wedding photography_0052 kent wedding photography_0053 kent wedding photography_0054 kent wedding photography_0055 kent wedding photography_0056 kent wedding photography_0057 kent wedding photography_0058 kent wedding photography_0059 kent wedding photography_0060 kent wedding photography_0061 kent wedding photography_0062 kent wedding photography_0063 kent wedding photography_0064 kent wedding photography_0065 kent wedding photography_0066 kent wedding photography_0067 kent wedding photography_0068 kent wedding photography_0069 kent wedding photography_0070 kent wedding photography_0071 kent wedding photography_0072 kent wedding photography_0073 kent wedding photography_0074 kent wedding photography_0075 kent wedding photography_0076 kent wedding photography_0077 kent wedding photography_0078 kent wedding photography_0079 kent wedding photography_0080 kent wedding photography_0081 kent wedding photography_0082 kent wedding photography_0083 kent wedding photography_0084 kent wedding photography_0085 kent wedding photography_0086 kent wedding photography_0087 kent wedding photography_0088 kent wedding photography_0089 kent wedding photography_0090 kent wedding photography_0091 kent wedding photography_0092 kent wedding photography_0093 kent wedding photography_0094 kent wedding photography_0095 kent wedding photography_0096 kent wedding photography_0097 kent wedding photography_0098 kent wedding photography_0099 kent wedding photography_0100 kent wedding photography_0101 kent wedding photography_0102 kent wedding photography_0103 kent wedding photography_0104 kent wedding photography_0105 kent wedding photography_0106 kent wedding photography_0107 kent wedding photography_0108 kent wedding photography_0109 kent wedding photography_0110 kent wedding photography_0111 kent wedding photography_0112 kent wedding photography_0113 kent wedding photography_0114 kent wedding photography_0115 kent wedding photography_0116 kent wedding photography_0117 kent wedding photography_0118 kent wedding photography_0119 kent wedding photography_0120 kent wedding photography_0121 kent wedding photography_0122 kent wedding photography_0123 kent wedding photography_0124

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Monkey Island Hotel wedding photography with Kelli and Karl

This was a lovely wedding at Monkey Island Hotel in Bray. This truly stylish couple created a beautiful day at the Thamas side hotel in Berkshire. I love an outdoor ceremony, and marrying outside at Monkey Island is a great location. Kelli and Karl’s two gorgeous children Lola and Theo also made the day extra special. The attention to detail was second to none; the flowers were exquisite and abundant, and the guests were treated to handmade favours and the groom’s homemade naked victoria sponge wedding cake. Congratulations Kelli and Karl, it was a gorgeous day. x


Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1746Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1747Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1748Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1749Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1750Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1751Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1752Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1753Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1754Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1755Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1756Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1757Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1758Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1759Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1760Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1761Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1762

Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1794

Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1763Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1764Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1765Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1766Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1767Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1768Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1769Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1770Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1771Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1772Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1773Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1774Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1775Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1776Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1777Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1778Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1779Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1780Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1781Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1782Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1783Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1784Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1785Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1786Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1787Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1788Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1789Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1790Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1791Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1792Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1793Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1795Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1796Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1797Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1798Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1799Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1800Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1801Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1802Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1803Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1804Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1805Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1806Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1807Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1808Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1809Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1810Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1811Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1812Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1813Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1814Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1815Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1816Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1817Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1818Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1819Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1820Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1821Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1822Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1823Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1824Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1825Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1826Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1827Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1828Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1829Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1830Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1831Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1832Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1833Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1834Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1835Monkey Island Wedding Photography_1836

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Hill Place, Swanmore, Hampshire wedding photography with Jo and Paul

Congratulations to Jo and Paul who celebrated their wedding in style at Hill Place, Swanmore in Hampshire. Both Jo and Paul wanted a vintage themed day and this created a stylish and unique wedding which was fun to photograph. They had a swing band, afternoon tea, a magician, a gentleman’s club and lovely, friendly group of guests which kept this wedding intimate and special. Thank you Jo and Paul for a fantastic day.

Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1207Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1208Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1209Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1210Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1211Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1212Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1213Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1214Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1215Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1216Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1217Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1218Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1219Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1220Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1221Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1222Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1223Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1224Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1225Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1226Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1227Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1228Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1229Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1230Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1231Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1232Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1233Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1234Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1235Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1236Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1237Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1238Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1239Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1240Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1241Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1242

Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1264

Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1244Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1245Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1246Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1247Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1248Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1249Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1250Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1251Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1252Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1253Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1254Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1255Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1256Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1257

Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1263

Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1258Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1259Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1260Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1261Hill Place Swanmore Hampshire Wedding Photography_1262

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Sussex wedding photography – civil partnership at Grittenham Barn with Chris and Keri


Love love loved shooting this wedding at Grittenham Barn in Sussex. Everything from start to finish was beautifully done with homemade bunting, vintage crockery, Grittenham Barn homegrown flowers, traditional ice cream van, slow roast pork, and to top it off gorgeous weather! Chris and Keri are absolutely lovely people, the speeches were incredibly touching and to see so much happiness and love everywhere was massively heartwarming! Not to mention the two resident donkeys with their respective pink and blue reigns. A gorgeous venue for a wedding and one I hope to go back to. Congratulations Chris and Keri, happy honeymooning!


















































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